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 OC-13-13_Notification of Audit Reports and Management Letters
 OC-DA-123_Notification of Compliance on Audit Reports and Management Letters
 Presentation of the Office of the Comptroller on External Audit Requirements
 Regulation 26_CAP and Supplementary Reports
 Regulation 33_Registration of Contracts
 OE-1992-92_CMIA Implementation Delegation
 OE-2013-002_Controls on Hiring and Contracting
 CC 93-11_Normas Administración Presupuestaria y Aspectos Organizacionales
 CC 106-13_Amendment to Budget and Organization Management Guides
 CC 106-13_ANEJO_Chief of Staff Memo SG 2013-001
 CC 106-13_ANEJO_Chief of Staff Memo SG 2013-002
 CC 106-13_ANEJO_Chief of Staff Memo SG 2013-005
 CC 108-13_Anejo_Chief of Staff Memo SG 2013-09
 CC 108-13_Hiring and Contracting SOP
 CC 109-13_Hiring and Contracting SOG
 CC 115-14_Budget Reduction and Control
 CC 116-14_Management Actions for Fiscal Discipline
 CC 117-14_Implementation of Act 66-2014
 CC 422-14_ANEJO I_Worksheet
 MG 420-13_I Phase FY2015 Budget Petition
 MG 425-14_Automatic Validation of Appointments in RHUM
 03LPRA282-283_Government Accounting
 Act 18-1975_Registration of Contract2
 Act 103-2006_Fiscal Reform 2006-Uniform Accounting System
 Act 124-2009_Contractual Standards for External Auditors_Comptroller CAP
 Act 142-1979_Auth for Retention of Indirect Costs
 Act 147-1980_OGP Organic Law
 Act 273-2003_Contractual Standards for External Auditors
 Act 344-2000_Municipal Audits
 Regulation 9_Special Payments Officers
 Regulation 25_Accounting of Public Funds Collected by Collections Officials
 Regulation 49_Provisions on Assignments and Public Funds
 CC1300-02-08_Control and Accounting of Indirect Costs
 CC1300-03-08_CMIA Provisions
 CC1300-04-07_Payroll Corrections
 CC1300-04-09_Agencies on PRIFAS 8.4_8.9
 CC1300-04-12_SWCAP Notification
 CC1300-06-04_Controls in PRIFAS for CMIA Type B
 CC1300-08-01_Control and Accounting of Indirect Costs in PRIFAS
 CC1300-09-12_Restriction on Direct Payments in PRIFAS
 CC1300-10-12_Electronic Payments to Vendors
 CC1300-11-06_Control and Accounting of Grants in PRIFAS
 CC1300-11-07_Admissible Cost of Rent Paid to PBA
 CC1300-11-10_Emergency Funds CAPECO
 CC1300-11-13-ANEJO_4_Form SC714A
 CC1300-11-13-ANEJO_19_Form SC749
 CC1300-11-13-ANEJO_20_Form SC751
 CC1300-11-13-ANEJO_21_Form SC751.2
 CC1300-13-08_Payroll Payments
 CC1300-23-07_Information on Single Audit Act
 CC1300-36-10_ARRA Payments
 CC1300-42-14_Budget Allocations
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 TSA 2012
 TSA 2013
 TSA 2014
 TSA 2015